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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wish

The new school term of Japan runs from the beginning of April and it is the time of cherry blossoms. A Sakura tree might hear someone saying “I wish I could …” at just same place that another one said “I did it” just a few weeks ago.

It blooms between words of the subjunctive and the present perfect.

In response to the weekly photo challenge, Wish by The Daily Post.

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Monochrome Monday: Ephemeral


As I wrote last week, I prefer less colour, low saturated pictures rather than B&W. Petals are still pink but vague. That’s because Spring in Yokohama.

The post is also my second contribution to WPC: Ephemeral.

That said, in spite of the title, I should post coloured pictures. If you live on the mid-latitude of north hemisphere, you can’t help posting colourful pictures of Sakura or spring flowers.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring!

201405-002I already posted many ‘Spring!’ images such as Sakura(Cherry Blossoms), Tulips or Yokohama where I live. The spring for me is Yokohama with green leaves because of some reasons.

201405-001Though many of Japanese would say Sakura must be a typical spring image, honestly saying, I don’t like Sakura so much. It comes a bit unclean brown after a flower withers and give us a lesson of an ephemeral life. Spring could be an energetic season.


201405-004This is a part of Weekly Photo Challenge by Daily Post.