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A Photo a Week Challenge : Cityscape

Someone was saying on the news that Christmas sale in France will start earlier than common years because of the current difficult situation. Retailers need to sell enough to recover from the second quarter’s unexpected drop. Indeed, technicians seem already busy for installation of Christmas illuminations even when it is still before Halloween. Some shops are still trying to get the attention of pessimistic people using new culture such like Jack-o’-Lantern that comes from the United States, though it was originally Celtic culture. 


A contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: Cityscape by Nancy Merrill Photography.

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A Photo a Week Challenge : The Road Not Taken

For a long while, I have forgotten how to take a bus. I know I’m having an ID on which my face is printed and still a few available tickets are recorded. I recognise I’m having a few coupons in my wallet. I am aware one hour ticket a guy of car garage gave me is left in my pocket. I know but I don’t. I am conscious of what I could. On the road again.

Pas maintenant. J’espère.



A contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: The Road Not Taken by Nancy Merrill Photography.

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A Photo a Week Challenge : October

An eternal October is coming again, with a weeping accordion under a grey sky. Always scarlet apples on a shelf of a supermarket are bit acid and always a full moon is probably behind a uncertain veil of evening mist.


That’s the way it goes. That’s why you will be in unexpected November.


A contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: October by Nancy Merrill Photography.

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A Photo a Week Challenge : Up Close and Personal

‘Orange osmanthus’ gives out a strong sweet smell

I have forgotten how I feel of getting nostalgic. A town where I was growing up has been totally changed, a sea shore I was spending my collage time is already uncertain in my heart and now it is impossible to go back to my home town ten thousand kilo meters far from here. I don’t have so many reasons to think about there anymore. 

Nevertheless, a small unexpected thing may bring my thought to my place in memories. Time to time, it might be a taste of beans, a colour of leaves or a smell of blossoms. 


A contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: Up Close and Personal by Nancy Merrill Photography.