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Canal d’Ille-et-Rance

It is said that the canal was built in the 17th century. It crosses from Rennes, one of Brittany’s central cities, to Dinan, near the English Channel. I love walking along the canal and it is not exceptional. Many people enjoy walking, running, cycling and cruising on weekends. If you are interested in those type of activities, the canal would give you 79km length happiness.

Lens-Artists #203: Local Vistas

photo challenge


I hope my challenge is accepted by LAPC hosts. This is my first participation to the challenge.
I don’t usually take minimalism photos but, indeed, I really love those. Several years ago, I used to take simpler pictures with my heavy digital SLR and I was always disappointed by them probably because I never imagined about the outside of the frame. Now I learnt that a simpler thing sometimes means more complex another.

A shadow on the photo is exposing me.

LAPC: Minimalism/Maximalism

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A Photo a Week Challenge : Signs

JARDIN PUBLIC (public garden)

Last two years, I was always looking for safer places to spend a week-end and my conclusion was nowhere. What is the meaning of ‘safer’, that has been one of most difficult questions. Whenever I visit a park, I feel both fresh air and vague anxieties simultaneously. I learnt that individuality is a part of the general public.
At least until last week in France, the garden was open to public who wearing a mask and then now, you don’t need to wear any mask with your own risk. That’s life.



A contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: Signs by Nancy Merrill Photography.

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A Photo a Week Challenge : Not What It Seems

In winter, it looks as if it were a small way at a countryside and it is true that there’s mostly no houses around here. A cloudy day, though it is always a bit rainy from November to March, may give you rather sorrow impression. There are dark water here and there, and you cannot hear even a sound of church bells because it is too far a way.
However, it is not what you see. Those ponds are actually the sea. It is a part of the tidal flat and you are looking at a salt pan. In summer time, you will see a beautiful white salt and, of course, a lot of tourist here.

冬にはここは田舎の小さな道のようで、この辺りには家もほとんどない。 11月から3月まではいつも雨がちで、曇りの日は悲しみを感じるほどである。 そこここに暗い水があり、遠すぎて教会の鐘の音すら聞こえない。
しかし、池に見えるものは実際には海なのである。 ここは干潟の一部であり、池は塩田である。 夏には、美しい白い塩とたくさんの観光客があるはずだ。


A contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: Not What It Seems by Nancy Merrill Photography.

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A Photo a Week Challenge : View

After raining several weeks, a colour of light blue has been back to the sky. Still the winter light is not enough strong to see underfoot and a path to a small church is in sullen silence. And then, all of sudden, I find a bright sea ahead, a view from a narrow place to the next days.



A contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: View by Nancy Merrill Photography.

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A Photo a Week Challenge : Animals

If you are from/in East Asia, you may think animal’s theme in the beginning of the new year suggests the Earthy Branches or Zodiac. Though most of such people celebrate it with the lunar calendar, in some cases such as Japan, January the 1st is also the date of changing to the next branch, that is, 2022 is the year of Tiger. I have read a lot of blog pages featuring a tiger but I haven’t had any opportunity to take a picture of tigers. Instead, I propose a picture of squirrel. It should have been so busy for taking its breakfast. Sorry for bothering.

この時期にAnimals themeだなんて、平均的な日本人に対しては虎の写真を撮れと言われているようでちょっと難しかったわけだが、リスも悪くないだろうと思うのだ。十二支に猫がいるとか、元々は黄道帯の十二宮が原点だそうだから違う動物が混じることだってありそうではないか。などと書きながらリス座はないなと…。


A contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: Sunrise by Nancy Merrill Photography.

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A Photo a Week Challenge : Funny Signs

First of all, I’m in neither positive nor negative position on CBD. Perhaps, I should say slightly negative on this yet because the discussion always goes a bit vague in the end.
Secondly, I don’t think the ad sign is funny in terms of both literal and implied meaning. However, I still have a bit strange but funny feeling from the shop window.

So, this is Christmas. You are looking out of a window. It snows. Probably it is very cold outside. Somehow a sense of perspective seems wrong. You may be outside of a warm house. But where.


A contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: Funny Signs by Nancy Merrill Photography.