Bonne journée, photo challenge

LAPC – Looking Back


I was born in an inland city. Exactly saying, the nearest beach was not so far, just 2 hours from my parents house, but I believe that the sea was a sort of exotic place that I could not visit without preparation. After growing up, needless to say, I learnt that I can go there at anytime. Still a sea is my special place and I like to see boats.


LAPC – Looking Back

Bonne journée, photo challenge

LAPC – Favorite Images of 2022

Sometimes I found myself taking pictures of water without reasons perhaps because I felt somehow fear on it and still do. Whether it is blue or grey, the water always obscures the sense of time. Nobody knows what was under water and who was looking into. Even still I took pictures of it without curiosity but with beauty delight.
Here are my two favorites that have not been published yet.


LAPC #231 – Favorite Images of 2022

Bonne journée, photo challenge

LAPC – Last Chance


So far away
Doesn’t anybody stay 
in one place any more?
It would be so fine 
to see your face at my door
It doesn’t help to know 
you’re just time away

Carole King, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

It was a special year for me. At the beginning of 2022, I was working in France and foreseeing uncertain next 6 months from July. I completely understood anybody cannot stayed in one place, and more likely, the world was always drifting whether I wanted or not.
Several years ago, surely I was walking down a small path just next to a vineyard in France and I found myself thinking about grapes fields in Japan where I was born. After going back to Japan, 9,411 km apart, now I’m thinking about a vineyard in France time to time. Anyway, the sun above me is same as what I know in France. But,

There’s no such place as far away

Richard Bach

(l’atelier tanu 訳)



LAPC #230 – Last Chance

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winter light

Close to a foot of Mt. Fuji, at the place known as Hakone, I was walking along a lake with my small camera and looking up at the gray sky. The wind was not so cold but obviously I should have no chance to be warm thanks to the sun light. A sweet autumn was going away just in front of me. I understood that anyway the winter will come anywhere after autumn and it might be more bright here than west France where I lived. I knew but I was longing for bright winter sky since a spring day in 2020. Perhaps it may be coming among a bit dark clouds.

The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Exposure


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A Photo a Week Challenge : Playtime

Finally I’m taking this year’s vacation around my place after returning back to my home town from beautiful Brittany. It might sound a bit strange but there are, in fact, a lot of typical destination for travelers around Yokohama. It is enough to be relaxing to take a bike on a harbor street, feeling sea breeze, it is so refreshing to walk down an old street at Kamakura or Hakone, and it is obviously energetic to step into Tokyo area.

This week, the challenge is about ‘Playtime’ but basically I don’t take pictures of individuals with few exceptions. I hope you may feel a sort of joyful play time from my challenge.



A contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: Playtime by Nancy Merrill Photography.