Bonne journée, photo challenge

LAPC – It’s Tricky!

The challenge was about ‘It’s Tricky’. It was 7 days ago but who decides a week has 7 days?
Time to time, I take those type of pictures just for fun imaging the Genie may appear out of the bottle. Though eventually nothing happens every time, it’s not a problem. That’s because it is always fun.


Lens Artists Challenge #243 – It’s Tricky!

Bonne journée, photo challenge

LAPC – Bringing softness

There are a lot of signs of coming spring here and there but a few trace of winter is still left. Winter at Yokohama is somewhat sharp and dry and it is far from softness. On the contrary, winter in Brittany was soft and damp. A distance of 9994km between two places is too huge to imagine the differences.


Lens Artists Challenge #237 – Bringing softness

Bonne journée, photo challenge

LAPC – Looking Back


I was born in an inland city. Exactly saying, the nearest beach was not so far, just 2 hours from my parents house, but I believe that the sea was a sort of exotic place that I could not visit without preparation. After growing up, needless to say, I learnt that I can go there at anytime. Still a sea is my special place and I like to see boats.


LAPC – Looking Back

Bonne journée, photo challenge

LAPC – Favorite Images of 2022

Sometimes I found myself taking pictures of water without reasons perhaps because I felt somehow fear on it and still do. Whether it is blue or grey, the water always obscures the sense of time. Nobody knows what was under water and who was looking into. Even still I took pictures of it without curiosity but with beauty delight.
Here are my two favorites that have not been published yet.


LAPC #231 – Favorite Images of 2022