Mostly Monochrome Monday #171


This is different from the last picture posted on Saturday but take at the same time. My intention was to remove orange colours tightly linked to Halloween and show up the traditional architecture softly behind. However, after going back to my atelier, I found it. It was unexpectedly appeared in the midst. Not because it is halloween but my mistake. You may be able to find my different intentions below.

A Part of Mostly Monochrome Monday

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A Photo a Week Challenge : Cityscape

Someone was saying on the news that Christmas sale in France will start earlier than common years because of the current difficult situation. Retailers need to sell enough to recover from the second quarter’s unexpected drop. Indeed, technicians seem already busy for installation of Christmas illuminations even when it is still before Halloween. Some shops are still trying to get the attention of pessimistic people using new culture such like Jack-o’-Lantern that comes from the United States, though it was originally Celtic culture. 


A contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: Cityscape by Nancy Merrill Photography.

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