Bonne journée

LAPC – Textures

Those pictures were not newly taken for the challenge but definitely I took them for expressing textures this year. My intention was to make it for giving green or fresh images on a website but eventually those were not used. I’m very happy to find this challenge before throwing them away.


I will be absent coming Saturday so I have decided to make an irregular post today on Thursday.

LAPC #226 – Textures

Bonne journée

rain drops

Winter, it rains everyday in Brittany. Everyone walks through the park with their raincoat collars turned up, their hands in their pockets, and their heads down. A bench is not a place to sit, but a basket to catch fallen leaves. That’s what I loved.
Winter, it turns to be sunny in Yokohama. A bench is a place to catch the sun to be warm but still always dry and cold wind blows.


This is a scheduled post and I’m not there this week-end.