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Weekly Photo Challenge: Magic


You may have an experience of blowing soap bubbles. It would be joyful memories. A few weeks ago, when I was taking a walk in a park close to my house, suddenly I became aware of a fact that the pleasure of memories about bubbles were not only coming from a happy time of my childhood but formed by seeing breaking smiles of children. We maybe forget such a magic under a relentless pressure of an urban life.

In response to the photo challenge: Magic by The Daily Post.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Tiny


There’s no such difference as it first seems. We share our planet and it’s a tiny world like small bees know what is a flower. We are aware of it and just we tend to see small differences.


In response to the weekly photo challengeTiny by The Daily Post.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: H2O


When I was at a graduate school major in Physics, H2O was an unpleasant molecular formula. I don’t intend to bore you to discuss my experience about molecular structures but I could say it was nightmare.
This week I chose two different photos slightly implying coming or passing bad weather – I hope you find something in those – including H2O but not water. Honestly saying, blue one was taken few months ago and a green one was done last week, that is, both are not newly taken for the challenge but seem to be suitable for this challenge, doesn’t they?



In response to the weekly photo challengeH2O by The Daily Post.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Mirror


A few moths ago, I was strolling through a backstreet of a big city Tokyo and I found me missing something natural and tranquil. I got bored with daily business and would be tired of doing same things every day. Perhaps I should gone on a weekend excursion to the back country to find nature. However, simultaneously, I understood what I needed was not nature but sophisticated calmness in the city. One of my ways to do was, as usual, to visit a smaller art museum.
The picture was taken at the Museum of Modern Art, Hayama, which is at a old resort just next to Yokohama and one hours from Tokyo. I hope you enjoy a mirror image made with the modern architecture, the sea and the sky.


In response to the weekly photo challengeMirror by The Daily Post.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame

Once in a while I should have discussed photography on the blog because I have posted pictures every time. Frame, what a great subject to talk about it.
Honestly saying I don’t like to use a frame for my photos. It narrows down the canvas, limits a camera position and add one element of the picture in advance. In addition, we enjoy pictures on a screen of computer rather than prints. In other words, we see many layered frames like a screen, an application window, a picture window and a picture itself. Perhaps you remember that iPhone was like a panda when its screen factor was changed (iPhone4 to 5). When you ran some application for older iPhone, you might see a white application color inside a black frame inside a white iPhone.
However sometimes I found me taking a picture with a frame. One of my favorites I took was a image of Nuremburg through a old window glass at night. I missed it but still remember.
A typical framing style I like is found in Ukiyoe pictures. If you love photography, you know, “frame” doesn’t mean the rim of a picture. It must be a typical one but even a small branch as a foreground object can be a frame. Indeed Ukiyoe artists loved to use such expressions and Van Gogh would be one of successors.
Today I chose three different pictures which have no typical frame.



In response to the weekly photo challenge, Frame by The Daily Post.