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Weekly Photo Challenge: Frame

Once in a while I should have discussed photography on the blog because I have posted pictures every time. Frame, what a great subject to talk about it.
Honestly saying I don’t like to use a frame for my photos. It narrows down the canvas, limits a camera position and add one element of the picture in advance. In addition, we enjoy pictures on a screen of computer rather than prints. In other words, we see many layered frames like a screen, an application window, a picture window and a picture itself. Perhaps you remember that iPhone was like a panda when its screen factor was changed (iPhone4 to 5). When you ran some application for older iPhone, you might see a white application color inside a black frame inside a white iPhone.
However sometimes I found me taking a picture with a frame. One of my favorites I took was a image of Nuremburg through a old window glass at night. I missed it but still remember.
A typical framing style I like is found in Ukiyoe pictures. If you love photography, you know, “frame” doesn’t mean the rim of a picture. It must be a typical one but even a small branch as a foreground object can be a frame. Indeed Ukiyoe artists loved to use such expressions and Van Gogh would be one of successors.
Today I chose three different pictures which have no typical frame.



In response to the weekly photo challenge, Frame by The Daily Post.