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I used to have a cozy sleeping on “tatami” of a north side room
in summer and to be lying snug and warm on “engawa”, a Japanese style loggia, in winter when I was a child. Today, it is hardly seen and a part of nostalgia or a historic architecture.

The picture at the top was taken at a preserved architecture close to my house.



Bonne journée, Photo, photo challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Chaos


I could say it’s well-managed chaos we live in. A big city always has many functions to serve everything the citizens need and is sinking in chaos as a result. The City of Yokohama is not an exception. You may find complex roads, office buildings, shopping malls and an amusement park. It’s a wonderful view, isn’t it?
When you walk around the opposite side, you may see another face of this area as seen in the picture at bottom. Traditional red-bricked warehouses, which are reused as a shopping mall, looks small in front of a huge cruise ship.


In response to the weekly photo challengeChaos by The Daily Post.