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When I travel unfamiliar places, I always get the urge to take a picture of transportation system. I don’t know the reason but time to time I found myself shooting buses, trains, boats or airplanes. Of course, the shape of bus in Yokohama where I live is mostly same as what you see in the rest of the world; boxy, having four or six wheels, square windows etc. Perhaps, small differences might arouse the traveler’s sentiment to me.




The picture on top is a taxi brings you to the other side. It’s cute and convenient.



Above three pictures were taken around Vancouver. And now I learned I didn’t taken such pictures so much in Yokohama. So the last one for Yokohama.



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Room

201406-003room“From the four walls that currently surround you”, eh? four walls? Traditionally, walls of a house in humid climate area are not fixed. A line separates a room from another could be a wall and also a kind of sliding door. In other words, a large room could be separated into small rooms flexibly by doors or something like partitions.

201406-005roomThe second photo was taken in a Boeing 777-300.

Interestingly, I found that FOV was similar to the first one but why? One of the reason is, perhaps, in both cases, better usage of available space are always required.

This is a part of Weekly Photo Challenge by The Daily Post.