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Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half


You could say July in Japan is half the sunshine summer and half the rainy month. When it is fine, the sun light is strong and hot. When it rain, the air is frowsty. In any case, it must be very humid. In between the sun and the rain, for the rare occasion, dry wind blows over the city. The above picture was taken under such blue sky with strong light.

The second picture, bottom, was not taken in Japan but similar composition. Probably I like this kind of pictures.


In response to the weekly photo challengeHalf and Half by The Daily Post.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers

201407-011Looking into the small white box in a rainy day, it seemed a container of bright sunny days; dazzling reflection from the sea, colourless fragments of the sea shore and uncertain memories inside the box.

201407-010Where shall we go this summer? This slightly pitted old suitcase takes me to an imagination of coming summer vacation. Still rainy.


If you want to open the container of sunny days, I thought, it must be bright, taken with high-key expression.

This is a part of Weekly Photo Challenge by The Daily Post.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea


It was calm but desolate.

I thought it seemed to be a good time to visit where I lived. When you think of the past time, probably you envision glorious scenery and days. It’s true if you had a good experience there. Yes, it’s true but it was still calm and desolate.