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Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadow


Challenges are now on Wednesday and it means Thursday morning for me. Time to time I found me being confused by this kind of time-lag. Probably as you know, I live in Japan where it takes mostly nine hours advantage to Europe – if you want to be the first to say happy new year. On the other hand, in some cases, I miss an important business deadline because of confusion. “OK, good job! Just in time on Wednesday in your country, but…, ah, anyway thank you.”

Back to WPC. Unfortunately I’m mostly busy on Thursday and Friday then I decided to continue weekend post.

In response to the weekly photo challenge, Shadow by The Daily Post.

Photo, photo challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Ambience


Usually I posted nature photos taken in my livelihood area and one of my favorite places is a kind of forest park where I always find something makes me relax. Even just the sunlight down to undergrowth with morning dew could be a part of the world as a picture at bottom.

However, I’ve chosen a completely different way for the challenge. As you see on top, the city of Yokohama where I live has always been a leader of an era then there are a lot of cultural heritages around the bay which give a sedate atmosphere. I love the ambience.

In response to the weekly photo challenge, Ambience by The Daily Post.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur


A  haze covers the city of Yokohama in sunny day every spring. It tells atmosphere changing from dry and cold air on the continent to humid and warm air on the pacific ocean.

A blur and panoramic form would be a good way to express such clement vernal breeze.

I plan to post another blur image having different view within a few days.

In response to the weekly photo challenge, Blur by The Daily Post.