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Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare

Saru-hashi bridge at Yamanashi over the rapid

Saru-hashi (猿橋) bridge is lesser‐known but drawn in a Nishikie (錦絵) by Hiroshige (広重). The wooden bridge was built over the rapid where it was difficult to use pillars. Typically, in that case, suspension bridges are common solution but it was built with another classical way named “Hane-bashi”, literally drawbridge.


According to the Wikipedia, it is said that there’s no wooden Hane-bashi left in Japan and Saru-hashi is not the exception, that is, Today’s Saru-hashi was rebuilt with steel frames for safety.


Interestingly, there are four different bridges side by side there:

  • Saru-hashi, a pedestrian bridge
  • New Saru-hashi (route 20)
  • Water bridge for a power station
  • another one

In response to the weekly photo challengeRare by The Daily Post.



7 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Rare”

  1. この写真を見て、猿橋の存在を知りました。川に細かい波が立ち、そこに映し出された橋の画が何とも幻想的ですね。この写真を、ブログで紹介したいのですが、宜しいでしょうか?お願い致します。

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