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Looking forward to a rainy day


When it rains, you see the colors clearly and gently.
Pictures were taken yesterday and two of them were posted as a part of WPC:Enveloped.

雨の日のお楽しみは明瞭で優しい色。昨日は、Weekly Photo Challenge用にと雨の中に久しぶりに古いマクロレンズを持ち出して、雨の日の色を撮ってみた。

Bonne journée, Photo, photo challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Enveloped


When it is flowering, nobody doesn’t case what is enveloped in the center of the bloom because a sort of festive atmosphere envelops everywhere. Her heart is there though.

When you are enveloped by the autumn forest, you don’t see a new life enveloped in an acorn. From acorns come oaks, though.

In response to the weekly photo challengeEnveloped by The Daily Post.

Bonne journée, Photo, photo panoramique

Photo panoramique: rose garden

201409-025Life should be complex and the lifestyle could be simple. So, the life is acceptable and enjoyable. However, from time to time, we make our lifestyle complicated by ourself.
Whenever it rains, roses are in bloom. Anybody can’t help wondering how to take beautiful pictures and to take care of his valuable camera. So it goes.