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winter light

Close to a foot of Mt. Fuji, at the place known as Hakone, I was walking along a lake with my small camera and looking up at the gray sky. The wind was not so cold but obviously I should have no chance to be warm thanks to the sun light. A sweet autumn was going away just in front of me. I understood that anyway the winter will come anywhere after autumn and it might be more bright here than west France where I lived. I knew but I was longing for bright winter sky since a spring day in 2020. Perhaps it may be coming among a bit dark clouds.

The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Exposure


photo challenge

Canal d’Ille-et-Rance

It is said that the canal was built in the 17th century. It crosses from Rennes, one of Brittany’s central cities, to Dinan, near the English Channel. I love walking along the canal and it is not exceptional. Many people enjoy walking, running, cycling and cruising on weekends. If you are interested in those type of activities, the canal would give you 79km length happiness.

Lens-Artists #203: Local Vistas

photo challenge


I hope my challenge is accepted by LAPC hosts. This is my first participation to the challenge.
I don’t usually take minimalism photos but, indeed, I really love those. Several years ago, I used to take simpler pictures with my heavy digital SLR and I was always disappointed by them probably because I never imagined about the outside of the frame. Now I learnt that a simpler thing sometimes means more complex another.

A shadow on the photo is exposing me.

LAPC: Minimalism/Maximalism

Photo, photo challenge

A Photo a Week Challenge : The Street Where You Live

Around whirl fourteen years have passed after I visited this town firstly as a business traveller. Since then, everything has been changed and nothing is different. Some good restaurants to spend a cheerful evening were closed and the tourist office that was here moved to another. Nevertheless, my favourite bakery store is still offering delicious corrosions and my old friends I missed for ten years suddenly talked to me on a street.
Probably it would be the best way to put two photos that are taken at different places and in different days because I live in two different places.


A contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: The Street Where You Live by Nancy Merrill Photography.

Photo, photo challenge

A Photo a Week Challenge : Unexpected Focus

Honestly saying, this is exactly what I expected. I didn’t check focus well but I relied on my camera and tried to catch the smell of blossoms. Thanks to large aperture, unpleasant things were mostly vanished away.
Now cherry blossom is full bloomed and it’s comfortable to walk along the canal in the warmer air with respect to a social distance. A photo at bottom was taken with motion blur with intention of unexpected result. I prefer it, though.


A contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: Unexpected Focus by Nancy Merrill Photography.