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A Photo a Week Challenge : Unexpected Focus

Honestly saying, this is exactly what I expected. I didn’t check focus well but I relied on my camera and tried to catch the smell of blossoms. Thanks to large aperture, unpleasant things were mostly vanished away.
Now cherry blossom is full bloomed and it’s comfortable to walk along the canal in the warmer air with respect to a social distance. A photo at bottom was taken with motion blur with intention of unexpected result. I prefer it, though.


A contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: Unexpected Focus by Nancy Merrill Photography.

2 thoughts on “A Photo a Week Challenge : Unexpected Focus”

  1. Beautiful blossoms. I see we’re on the same page today as far as signs of spring as I have blossoms too, even though they were from a few years ago and not where I live. 🙂


    1. Fortunately, we are on the same planet and, wherever and whenever it comes, the season never forget to tell us the proper time. Thank you for your message. I got inspired a lot.

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