Mostly Monochrome Monday #269 w/LAPC

The world would be eternally huge and the ant may not think how far she is going.


A Part of Mostly Monochrome Monday

Sometimes we don’t need any additional explanation by colour to know how it is ephemerally coloured in our world. Sometimes we definitely need its colour to tell where we live. Our planet might consist with a lot of opposite things.

photo challenge

Canal d’Ille-et-Rance

It is said that the canal was built in the 17th century. It crosses from Rennes, one of Brittany’s central cities, to Dinan, near the English Channel. I love walking along the canal and it is not exceptional. Many people enjoy walking, running, cycling and cruising on weekends. If you are interested in those type of activities, the canal would give you 79km length happiness.

Lens-Artists #203: Local Vistas

photo challenge


I hope my challenge is accepted by LAPC hosts. This is my first participation to the challenge.
I don’t usually take minimalism photos but, indeed, I really love those. Several years ago, I used to take simpler pictures with my heavy digital SLR and I was always disappointed by them probably because I never imagined about the outside of the frame. Now I learnt that a simpler thing sometimes means more complex another.

A shadow on the photo is exposing me.

LAPC: Minimalism/Maximalism