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LAPC – Textures

Those pictures were not newly taken for the challenge but definitely I took them for expressing textures this year. My intention was to make it for giving green or fresh images on a website but eventually those were not used. I’m very happy to find this challenge before throwing them away.


I will be absent coming Saturday so I have decided to make an irregular post today on Thursday.

LAPC #226 – Textures

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winter light

Close to a foot of Mt. Fuji, at the place known as Hakone, I was walking along a lake with my small camera and looking up at the gray sky. The wind was not so cold but obviously I should have no chance to be warm thanks to the sun light. A sweet autumn was going away just in front of me. I understood that anyway the winter will come anywhere after autumn and it might be more bright here than west France where I lived. I knew but I was longing for bright winter sky since a spring day in 2020. Perhaps it may be coming among a bit dark clouds.

The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge – Exposure



Mostly Monochrome Monday #269 w/LAPC

The world would be eternally huge and the ant may not think how far she is going.


A Part of Mostly Monochrome Monday

Sometimes we don’t need any additional explanation by colour to know how it is ephemerally coloured in our world. Sometimes we definitely need its colour to tell where we live. Our planet might consist with a lot of opposite things.

photo challenge

Canal d’Ille-et-Rance

It is said that the canal was built in the 17th century. It crosses from Rennes, one of Brittany’s central cities, to Dinan, near the English Channel. I love walking along the canal and it is not exceptional. Many people enjoy walking, running, cycling and cruising on weekends. If you are interested in those type of activities, the canal would give you 79km length happiness.

Lens-Artists #203: Local Vistas