Bonne journée

LAPC – Home Sweet Home

The next challenge of LAPC would be soon shown up by the hosts but let me post one.

The picture doesn’t tell anything about my home nor neighborhood but definitely it is. The plant is absolutely same as what I saw in a park when I lived in France as an étrange but it isn’t at least for me. I’m seeing my place somewhere in a vague background that I cannot remember well.


LAPC #227 – Home Sweet Home

Bonne journée

LAPC – Textures

Those pictures were not newly taken for the challenge but definitely I took them for expressing textures this year. My intention was to make it for giving green or fresh images on a website but eventually those were not used. I’m very happy to find this challenge before throwing them away.


I will be absent coming Saturday so I have decided to make an irregular post today on Thursday.

LAPC #226 – Textures