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LAPC – Looking Back


I was born in an inland city. Exactly saying, the nearest beach was not so far, just 2 hours from my parents house, but I believe that the sea was a sort of exotic place that I could not visit without preparation. After growing up, needless to say, I learnt that I can go there at anytime. Still a sea is my special place and I like to see boats.


LAPC – Looking Back

8 thoughts on “LAPC – Looking Back”

  1. It’s interesting how our perception of things change as we grow up, time also changes, I think. That said, your first photo as a timeless quality to it, very peaceful.

    1. Thank you for giving me your insight and I agree with you. Peaceful time and place probably made my photo how it was.

  2. So true Tanu! I enjoyed your perspective on the challenge and loved both of your images, especially the second which really feels “old-time”!

    1. Thank you for the words. The second image was taken at a lower deck of a very old but beautiful ship anchored at Yokohama.

  3. The boat on the sea is so tranquil as it sets off with the sun in the background. A great memory for you to looking back.

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