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Weekly Photo Challenge: Friend

When you watch someone go away, you may imagine her/his life from the back view. She must be happy because she is light on her feet. He might be tired because he never look around. You are free to do in any way.

Sometimes, through the view finder of my camera, I was wondering if they were friends and I was relieved somehow.

In response to the weekly photo challengeFriend by The Daily Post.

8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Friend”

  1. Nice choice for the theme! I especially like the first picture. It can be fun to watch strangers and imagine what their relationship is, what they’re talking about, where they’re going… 😊

  2. I enjoy people watching, especially in parks and open areas. I used to wonder about their lives, but now it just relaxes me to see “the world go by”, especially when I see people and kids smile or have fun. Great shots and perspectives!

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