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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting

So many years have passed after I left my home town for studying physics. I still remember how it was beautiful and idyllic but I don’t feel nostalgia so much today. Many things I loved have been missed. I cannot see small green creeks anymore. I cannot take a traditional snack at in front of a small sleazy shop.

When I was a kid at school, paddy fields were one of my favorite playgrounds. I used to catch a lot of water insects in summer and learned many things. Perfectly dry fields after rice reaping was the best place to test a model airplane, where nobody complained about its dangerous flights. In wintertime, it was easy to make it a skating rink. All I needed to do was just to spray water on it with my naughty friends.
This is not a kind of nostalgia but sort of a reflection.


In response to the weekly photo challengeReflecting by The Daily Post.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflecting”

  1. 昔昔のその昔に横浜の泉区に住んでいました。水田がどこまでも広がっていて、春にはレンゲ畑で遊んで、水が張られた後にはセリ摘みに行ったりしました。カエルを捕まえたりもしたかな。今でも泉区には田んぼが残っていると聞いたことがあります。とても懐かしい子供の頃の思い出です。

    1. Sachieさん、泉区も含め横浜にはまだ少しだけ水田が残っています。レンゲのピンク色の野原を見るとそこに下りたくなりますね。虫取り網の代わりにカメラを担いでですが…

    1. Thank you. Your comment reassures me 😉 We all are probably simple beings and have explorative mind at least when we are young.

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