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Weekly Photo Challenge: It’s Not This Time of Year Without…


It was a national holiday called ‘Labor’ Thanksgiving Day on 23 Nov in Japan, which is a bit different from Thanksgiving Day in US.
Interestingly a typical joke of the holiday was given on 22 Nov, a day before Labor Thanksgiving.

“Too busy. How can I take a day off. Who established the Labor Thanksgiving, er?”
“Nobody knows. We have only one month to New Year Day and we still have many things to do.”
“Okay! It’s a holiday tomorrow and, I guess, you’re gonna drink a lot and have no plan other than watching TV. Let’s have a meeting tonight.”
“Sigh. It would be unlimited-time one.”
“Don’t you know it means thank-you-for-working-hard day?”

Time to time, it’s not a joke but a serious social problem.
Taking about myself, of course, I went back home as usual and enjoyed autumn leaves of Japanese maple trees next morning of Labor Thanksgiving Day. “紅葉狩り(Momiji-gari, literally hunting autumn leaves)” is indispensable for spending a relaxing time in busy days.
I plan to post another photo of autumn leaves again tomorrow.



In response to the weekly photo challengeIt’s Not This Time of Year Without… by The Daily Post.


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