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Weekly Photo Challenge: Local


Today I’d like to start from a bit old-fashion slung of Japanese ‘jimotie’ for readers who are not familiar with Japanese language. I wrote the word with English-style spelling but it is of course not a proper one. Actually I suppose the word was created orally and has no correct way to write. It means ‘local’ as a person who lives locally, ‘jimoto’ (local place) with ‘-ie’ or ‘ee’ (beings) by analogy of Nessie. It’s an interesting expression but I recommend you shall not use it when you visit Japan.
Exactly saying, though I’m not a local of Motomachi in Yokohama, where the first photo was taken, I stroll out there time to time. Most of visitors would be interested in the commercial street, harbor-view park or historical area but I love this small park and back street also.


Just next to the park, there’s a well-known Yokohama China Town, always jam-packed with people. If you visit there early morning, you could see its quiet face like a local.

In response to the weekly photo challengeLocal by The Daily Post.

Let me add another one, taken in a garden. It’s local, isn’t it?


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