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musing days

201610-211English text at bottom

9月は日差しもほとんどなかったから、ブログには愚痴もチラホラ、Instagram のギャラリーもどうにも暗い。まさか、Instagram で天候不順を知る事になるとは思いもよらなかった。銀色に輝く秋はいつ来るのか。沈思する日々と内省的な夜を過ごすには少し早すぎるようである。

It’s autumn in Yokohama! A good season to stroll out with a camera it is if the weather is same as common years.
This year, summer humid air and autumn cool air still struggle with each other in Japan. Indeed, September was exceptionally cloudy or rainy such that weather reports said overcast, windy, rainy, cloudy, partially cloudy, patchy, stormy but forgot the word fine. Bad weather is liable to cast a gloom over everyone. Not a few bloggers of Tokyo and Yokohama are grumbling and galleries of Instagram are now looked dark. Whenever can I find a silvery shining colours of autumn.
It seems to be a bit earlier to spend introspective nights and musing days.

strokes of cane
or nature of terrain
catch the season in vain

My second contribution to WPC:H2O.


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