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Weekly Photo Challenge: Pure


When I visit European countries, I’m always looking forward to finding new table waters. You may have a question why I’m interested in just a glass of water. It is just a bottle of natural water and common in Europe, isn’t it? Is it difficult to buy pure bottled water in Japan? No. You can easily find many kinds of natural waters in any supermarket and tap water is completely safe. What I want to find is hard water, having high mineral content. One of my favorites is BADOIT which is popular in France. It is slightly sweet with taste of magnesium and calcium, especially good for intensely flavored dishes.



It’s a good season to have a lunch under the fresh and undiluted green air, isn’t it.

In response to the weekly photo challengePure by The Daily Post.

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Pure”

  1. 一口に「水」と言っても本当に色々ありますね。

    1. 料理を作る水も、食事する水も、食器や手を洗う水も、その土地の水があって成立っている形があるように思います。その土地の水を使い、例えばその土地の石鹸を使うのも文化の一部なのでしょう。

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