21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract (2)”

    1. Honestly saying I had to run quickly with my camera to take these pictures because it is a part of parking lot 😉

  1. I had no idea the rain could create such beauty and opportunity for a different perspective of cherry blossoms. Pretty, indeed. I wish the spring would arrive in our neck of the woods (New England, MA) soon as well. But, the hills and the forests make the arrival of color difficult.

    Liesbet @ Roaming About – A Life Less Ordinary

    1. Ah, New England, historical beautiful places I’ve never been. It’s going to be a good season soon, isn’t it.

  2. I love that carpet of petals. I just went out to visit our 3 Japanese cherries in the yard. They loved this rain and the warmer weather. Soon I too shall be in heaven as you must have been. 🙂 I love this trees too.

    1. A fine rain in spring always makes nature beautiful and a storm sometimes gives us a surprise with unexpected scenery. What a wonderful world! Have a good time under your cherry trees.

    1. Double cherry blossoms makes a pink carpet in the end of April and common one comes to be like a snow falling in beginning of April here.

  3. I’d love this for a wedding in USA. The pink and the pettales are so beautiful.~jackie~ Happy 4th of July weekend.

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