Bonne journée, Photo

Roses are roses are roses

and what they are.  (日本語と他の写真は下に、Slideshow at bottom)

The title does not have any relation to Gertrude Stein, which I read a long time ago, but I felt that roses exist as roses, feeling the gorgeousness of blooming roses and the sweet scent that makes you sigh. Knowing everyone visit there just for feeling early summer roses, but, everyone cannot stop thinking any stories behind. even though, you know, roses are roses as they are.

Cherry blossoms and tulips bloomed about two weeks earlier this year, probably because of the warmer spring days, and roses were not exception. In Japan, where the spring rose season is always very short, petals has been mostly scattered. So I’m going to post about roses next seven days.

だいぶ前に読んだGertrude Steinとは関係があってのタイトルではない。咲き乱れるバラの華やかさと咽せるような甘い香りを感じて、バラはバラとしてそこにあるのだと感じたのだった。誰もが初夏のバラを感じにそこを訪れるのだと分かっているが、こういう場所では誰もがその背景に何か物語があるものだと考えずにはいられない。そうであってもバラはそのままでバラなのだ。



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