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LAPC – Favorite Images of 2022

Sometimes I found myself taking pictures of water without reasons perhaps because I felt somehow fear on it and still do. Whether it is blue or grey, the water always obscures the sense of time. Nobody knows what was under water and who was looking into. Even still I took pictures of it without curiosity but with beauty delight.
Here are my two favorites that have not been published yet.


LAPC #231 – Favorite Images of 2022

16 thoughts on “LAPC – Favorite Images of 2022”

    1. When I found those kayaks, I believed that a picture of them should have made good form. A question was where to take a picture. It was not so easy to answer it. Thank you for the message.

    1. Actually I glanced at my photo library before posting, and I found a lot of photos about water. Thank you for your message. Have a good week.

      1. You should. With your uncertainty just make sure you have a life jacket. With your love of photography you’ll gain a different perspective.

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