Bonne journée, Cross Cultural


I’m not on vacation but a bit pausing.
The picture was taken several years ago at Ljubljana, Slovenia, not now. The weather was good, people were friendly and it allowed me to meet my old friend there. I talked a lot, indeed. After passing a bit uncertain years, I found myself not thinking of people. It might be a good to pause a bit.
I don’t intend to stop writing a blog. All I need to do is just to think this is not my obligation but my daily pleasure.


10 thoughts on “Pausing”

  1. Blogging is only for joy.
    When it becomes a duty, you have to stop ……

    But know that I enjoy reading your blogposts.

    Kind regards,

    1. Thank you for your kind words. You are right. I’m writing for joy, communicating with good friends, and thinking of myself.
      Have a good day.

  2. 小休止、とってください。obligationになってしまうとつまんなくなりますもんね。

    1. ありがとうございます。このところ少し忙しいことや、その前はワクチンの副反応で調子が出なかったこともあって、スローダウンしてました。まとまった休みもなかったので休暇を取りたいところですが、感染者数を見るとそうもいきません。最近は詩を書くのもやめてしまったので、小ブレークが必要ですね。
      スロベニアはなかなかイメージが湧かないと思いますが、とても良いところです。旧ユーゴスラビアの中では工業力のおかげで比較的経済も豊かで、人々も気さくで明るく見えました。イヴァナ・コビルツァ(Ivana Kobilca)という19世紀から20世紀初頭に作品を残した画家も大好きです。

  3. Ooo, Ljubljana, my city. 🙂 How lovely to see it and that you have it in good memory. Above I see that you mention Ivana Kobilca. Did you see her famous painting Coffee Drinker?

    1. Yes, I know. Indeed I visited one of the biggest retrospective exhibition of Ivana Kobilca at Ljubljana. I spent two hours there but unfortunately I had to go back to my hotel to take a taxi to the airport. If I have more time. I would revisit the museum.

      1. Don’t worry. I stayed at Ljubljana 7 days for business. I was so busy in daytime. So the last day, I decided to visit Ivana Kobilca exhibition before leaving but it was just 2 hours. I really enjoyed.

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