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A Photo a Week Challenge : Not What It Seems

In winter, it looks as if it were a small way at a countryside and it is true that there’s mostly no houses around here. A cloudy day, though it is always a bit rainy from November to March, may give you rather sorrow impression. There are dark water here and there, and you cannot hear even a sound of church bells because it is too far a way.
However, it is not what you see. Those ponds are actually the sea. It is a part of the tidal flat and you are looking at a salt pan. In summer time, you will see a beautiful white salt and, of course, a lot of tourist here.

冬にはここは田舎の小さな道のようで、この辺りには家もほとんどない。 11月から3月まではいつも雨がちで、曇りの日は悲しみを感じるほどである。 そこここに暗い水があり、遠すぎて教会の鐘の音すら聞こえない。
しかし、池に見えるものは実際には海なのである。 ここは干潟の一部であり、池は塩田である。 夏には、美しい白い塩とたくさんの観光客があるはずだ。


A contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: Not What It Seems by Nancy Merrill Photography.