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A Photo a Week Challenge : Animals

If you are from/in East Asia, you may think animal’s theme in the beginning of the new year suggests the Earthy Branches or Zodiac. Though most of such people celebrate it with the lunar calendar, in some cases such as Japan, January the 1st is also the date of changing to the next branch, that is, 2022 is the year of Tiger. I have read a lot of blog pages featuring a tiger but I haven’t had any opportunity to take a picture of tigers. Instead, I propose a picture of squirrel. It should have been so busy for taking its breakfast. Sorry for bothering.

この時期にAnimals themeだなんて、平均的な日本人に対しては虎の写真を撮れと言われているようでちょっと難しかったわけだが、リスも悪くないだろうと思うのだ。十二支に猫がいるとか、元々は黄道帯の十二宮が原点だそうだから違う動物が混じることだってありそうではないか。などと書きながらリス座はないなと…。


A contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: Sunrise by Nancy Merrill Photography.