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A Photo a Week Challenge: Music



No words needed because it’s music. Platitude? Various languages were crossing there, Slovene, German, English, Italian, French, Spanish and even Japanese. And as you can easily imagine, everybody’s smiling. 

A contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: Music by Nancy Merrill Photography.


7 thoughts on “A Photo a Week Challenge: Music”

    1. I’ve been there last month but now I’m back to Yokohama. It was a business trip and I really enjoyed it. Thank you for a lot of kindness.

  1. Wonderful photos. I love street music. At university, I sang with a choir that traveled to Europe. In Italy, we could only sing religious music at concerts in churches, so we would move out to the piazzas to perform our non-religious pieces. It was so much fun. thanks for joining the challenge!

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