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Weekly Photo Challenge: Place in the World


When I was a school boy learning how the world was working, paddy fields were my place of the world and then soon a wetland in southern France came to be a place of my yearning for after reading a novel setting in Camargue. It didn’t take so long time to decide to visit there to see the world. It still looked enough simple like a connect-the-dots communication but, spending a hot-blooded decade, suddenly I learned the world was so complicated and life was not so easy. My paddy field is now just a parking lot made with black asphalt and I’ve never been to Camargue.

In response to the weekly photo challengePlace in the World by The Daily Post.



6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Place in the World”

  1. Beautiful, but a sad tinge to your story. Maybe there is still time to see Camargue!

    1. Thank you. Now our planet is fairly small and it should be the time to visit the world before missing.

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