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Weekly Photo Challenge: Rise/Set


Perhaps as you may know, I’m an early bird, at least a sort of. Waking up at five, taking a morning train 6:30, time to time I stroll around with my D-SLR on weekends except in winter. Many years ago, Sheena Easton was singing “My baby takes the morning train, he works from nine till five” but my routine might have been seven to six. Please don’t deem me to be a person of workaholic. Just I love to do something in a morning clear air.
It sounds easy to take sunrise photos but not indeed. It was too busy to do additional things to daily jobs this week.

In response to the weekly photo challengeRise/Set by The Daily Post.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Rise/Set”

    1. True – somethings to learn, something to motivate me, something to smile me, and now I’m chatting with you at 6 am.

  1. tagunoueさんも朝ひとなのですね♪ 私も朝の誰にも乱されていない空気のなかを歩くのが好きです。Sheena Eastonの曲、懐かしい!当時は曲の内容は全くわからずメロディーだけを楽しんでいましたが、歌の内容は案外地味だったのですね(笑)

    1. なんだか幸せだけど平凡なルーチンがあの透明な声で歌われるのを今聴いて、どこかで心配してしまうのは、もう自分が若くないからかと思ってしまいます 😉 でも、とっても良い曲ですよね。

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