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Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful


In some cases, a graceful way of moving means a kind of lifestyles such as a gentle carriage for some other people. A few years ago, a public advertising about a traditional culture of Japan came up in the new. It said, for example, how should we do when you pass by one another with umbrellas. If everyone inclines an umbrella slightly, the world could go better.

I have picked up two pictures of Hikawa-maru, an old ocean liner, again because it looks graceful and I believe that passengers would have a graceful carriage.


In response to the weekly photo challenge, Graceful by The Daily Post.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Graceful”

  1. The 2nd photo of the interior deck so much reminds me of Titanic and yes, ships do have a grace to them as they glide across the water surface.

    1. Thank you. She took Charlie Chaplin back to US from Yokohama with a great honor. It must have been great days.
      I took other pics of the second photo in another day. I’ll feature them in future.

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