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Monochrome Monday: WrapUp BandW


It’s time to look back at the year 2016 with humble heart. I decided to start with black and white photos which always tell me what’s wrong with my composition. As usual, the picture at the top is, of course, new one.


When you take a B&W photo with a film, you need to decide everything just before shooting. I loved ILFORD because of its damp images but it was quite difficult to imagine what was taken. Today it must be easier to do it. Indeed you can decide some parameters later having a cup of coffee.


Question is if it’s really easy. Probably no. When I look into the finder, my brain never teach me what will be taken in B&W. Sometimes delicate contrast of complementary colours are missing and an unexpected structure appears instead.


What a wonderful process!

with iPhone

5 thoughts on “Monochrome Monday: WrapUp BandW”

  1. Your explanation of the B&W journey is a great reminder to us all that we don’t always see all there is in front of us. What an important lesson, in life as well as photography! Thank you! 🙂

    1. Thank you for the comments. I have really learned many things about photography this year probably because I found the difficulty of taking monochrome photos.
      Have a good new year.

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