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Weekly Photo Challenge: Quest


When I was a kid like playing outside with mud, my another pleasure was to looking into hardwares like engines, broken watches, old radios and so on. Soon I found interesting mechanics inside books written by Jules Vernes like Nautilus in “Vingt mille lieues sous les mers (Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea)”. Then my quest for engineering was started.


My growing interest in it raised also a strong desire of the pursuit of nature in under-graduate school. In other words, I was major in chemical physics and looking into X-ray photo indicating a crystal structure.
I’m now an engineer and, though I don’t know why, engineering stirr up my another interest in the quest for something cultural.


In response to the weekly photo challengeQuest by The Daily Post.

12 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Quest”

    1. Thank you.
      I thought we people of today are probably lacking in a romantic adventure, so classical photos are good for “Quest”.

  1. tagnoueさんのカラーも大好きですが、モノクロが醸しだす独特の時間性(?)が心地よいです。tagnoueさんは数カ国語を話されるようだし、読書量も半端じゃ無いようだし、文章も素晴らしいので、てっきり文系の方だと想像していました。Chemical Engineer。かっこいいな〜(と、すぐにミーハーになる自分)。未知の世界です。でも、一枚目の写真になるようなパイプとかネジとかボルトとか、そういう「仕組み」を眺めるのは大好きです♪

    1. 白黒写真は、ファインダを覗きながらなかなか仕上がりが想像できるようになりません。デジタルをいいことに、カラーでもいいようにと撮っています。ですから、大変に嬉しいコメントです。

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