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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes


201402-050Hina-matsuri, known as Girls’ Day on March 3, is a special day in Japan, celebrating growing up. I don’t intend to explain it in detail here but, if you are not familiar with the custom, I recommend you check it out on Wikipedia which tells you better than me.

201402-051Usually you would see many dolls in a photo of hina-matsuri but, in recent years, simpler one has the preference.

One of the reasons might be simple and easy, that is, it is very expensive and space-consuming for present-day life. Before all, such a traditional custom is gradually missing and children are sometimes not interested in it.

Hina-matsuri is not a national holiday today. It is said that it was a kind of holiday until 150 years ago. Anyway, nobody pays attention, whether it is holiday or not, because it is a Japanese custom.


This challenge was set by the Daily Post.

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