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A Photo a Week Challenge : Up Close and Personal

‘Orange osmanthus’ gives out a strong sweet smell

I have forgotten how I feel of getting nostalgic. A town where I was growing up has been totally changed, a sea shore I was spending my collage time is already uncertain in my heart and now it is impossible to go back to my home town ten thousand kilo meters far from here. I don’t have so many reasons to think about there anymore. 

Nevertheless, a small unexpected thing may bring my thought to my place in memories. Time to time, it might be a taste of beans, a colour of leaves or a smell of blossoms. 


A contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: Up Close and Personal by Nancy Merrill Photography.

5 thoughts on “A Photo a Week Challenge : Up Close and Personal”

    1. Perhaps as you may know, it is very popular in Japan and its sweet smell makes a beautiful autumn day – just one or two days – every year.

    1. Yes, and the small scattered flowers are also beautiful. It makes a golden pavement just one day.

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