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A Photo a Week Challenge : Vacation Memories

At first, I thought perhaps it would be a kind of long vacation or sabbatical spending my time abroad. More or less, living in a foreign country makes some difficulties as well as joy of life in new environment, not only by a different language I used to use but from a bunch of small differences in customs. In other words, longer time in a foreign country, more chances to find something different proportionally. 

However reality is always a bit different. Everyday life sometimes means a piled up bored things, such like taking out the garbage or claiming on insurance, with a small happiness. Of course it is enough for everyone. Even if you need to add some exceptional things to do, finding better mask for instance, this year, still the life is enough interesting. Just all I need is a vacation in any way. 


A contribution to A Photo a Week Challenge: Vacation Memories by Nancy Merrill Photography.