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Being simple


The iPhone X team definitely made a great job. Some technical writers who love to quibble on insignificant detail seems to be busy for writing a reason of unsuccessful sales but I believe Apple has showed their philosophy with new products. Even though a enthusiastic supporter would probably find some bad points soon as usual, they must say what’s the matter? It’s a sort of common year festa.
However I’d like to say it lacks the finishing touch. The cut-out at the top and round edge look far from Steve’s clean design for me. It might be an unavoidable result of efficient and beautiful edge-to-edge LCD. Even so, I believe Steve would never say yes.
Being simple is always difficult.

iPhone Xは間違いなく素晴らしいが、ただ一点、ディスプレイ上部の切り欠きだけはどうしても気に入らない。スティーブジョブスなら絶対にOKしなかったのではないかというほどの詰めの甘さを感じてしまう。シンプルであり続けるのは大変に難しい。


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