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Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

Tutankhamen's PeasTutankhamen’s Peas is a well-known story in some junior school in Japan. It says Howard Carter, an English archaeologist and Egyptologist, found peas as one of buried items and succeeded at sprouting these 3000-years-ancient beans. Needless to say, it could be a kind of non-scientific claim even if it is true that some peas were found in the Tutankhamen’s Tomb but we should not stick to a scientific approach. I believe it is important for children to think about ancient life.
Tutankhamen's PeasTutankhamen’s Peas must not be a relic because it is still alive, not abandoned, it is surely edible.

tobaccoPerhaps, we should say a relic for this. This old store was abandoned and only a small billboard says what it was. It says tobacco shop.

This is a part of Weekly Photo Challenge by The Daily Post.

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