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Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

201404-044This old store seems to be abandoned as a business but maintained at a minimum. To read letters, it was a cigarette shop or a fuel store. A kind of grocery store where rice, alcoholic beverages and heating oil were sold was popular in Japan, at least, more than 30 years ago. 


The name-board was repainted again and again and some letters are looked like a picture by multiple exposure. You could see yellow and black letters having similar shapes.

A Blue part on the left side of the picture would be a counter or showcase of cigarettes. Its graphics has a old style font both on Japanese letters and English letters.

You may find red checker board design at the lower part. It was like a mosaic and, probably, was a modern design. of course, I don’t know a blue part was painted with intention referring red checkers.

Though it is a bit difficult to explain some old letters, perhaps you could find traditional characters which is not used now.

201404-045This is a part of Weekly Photo Challenge by Daily Post.

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