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Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

20131102-001I’m not sure what this really is. Is it a kind of gargoyle? Anyway,I saw this strange object at the Tōshō-gū (東照宮) shrine, Nikko and felt some eerie thing. Probably, it is an imaginary elephant which was carried from China long long ago. (footnoted)

From ancient days, Tōrō (灯籠) has a eerie face. Some stories says you might see someone eerie around midnight and it would be a light tower.


This challenge was set by the Daily Post.

Note: 6 Nov. 2013

Yukitten taught me that the animal in the first picture is Baku, imaginary one from China, having nose of elephant, feet of tiger, etc. Now I understand why such figure is there.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie”

  1. こんにちは。これは、ゾウではなく、「漠」(バク)です。中国から伝わった、夢を食べるという想像上の動物です。神社仏閣で、たまに見かけるやつです。麒麟とか龍とか、獅子とかそういう類のものです。

    1. ご指摘ありがとうございます。あまり詳しくないので助かります。コメントいただいてようやく思い出しました。記事をアップする前にちょっと調べたのですが想像上の像と書いてありました。でも、獏ですね。

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