Bonne journée

Bonne Année

20131223-004The world is going in real time. Everything on our planet is always changing. But still you only know what you see. What you learn from a news show might be happened one day, one month, one year or one century before. Our life is not so different from a day of Julius Caesar? Probably, no. It must be a kind of gloom and doom.

Today we may have a new power, Web technology as a common infrastructure, which provides us a real-time information, sometimes with wonders.
At least, even if it is just a fraction of a daily life, we would know the world, gathering all of things. Network would be going to improve our planet consisted of various senses of worth. I believe that it is important to know,
c’est important de le savoir.

I would like to thank everybody for kind messages, supports and a lot of likes.
I wish you, your families and your friends the best for 2014,
bonne année,