Bonne journée, Cross Cultural



The usual Yokohama is finally back. Some people say that after three strange years of hard days, life has returned to normal, but I may have forgotten what it was like at that time.
Three years ago, I was in Europe watching a TV news report about a large number of infected people on a large cruise ship from Hong Kong. The ship had dropped into the port of Yokohama to receive medical assistance but, for me, it didn’t sound real thing.
Then, two weeks ago, 6 large ships entered Yokohama Port at the same day and many tourists were enjoying their vacation. The usual Yokohama is finally back.

やっといつもの横浜が戻ってきた。 3年続いた奇妙な日々の後で、普通の生活が戻ってきたという人もいるが、私には以前の様子を忘れてしまっているような気がしている。
2週間前、同日に大型客船6隻が横浜港に入港した。 ようやくいつもの横浜が戻ってた。

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