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A Book: The Things They Carried

201706-411English Text at Bottom.




When I was a simple minded student major in physics, I got into an argument with my friend about a power of expression. I had believed only a dense and profound expression should be the goal to show what I thought. He didn’t talk much but the next week he brought his wish list. It was just a list of words but I found it told everything he wanted. He was always free to do anything and I had my own invisible ceiling.

I’ve ever read it in Japanese. Indeed it was translated by Haruki Murakami and, as you can easily imagine, with beautiful words. A few days ago, I rediscovered the paperback in my bookshelf and decided to read the original text. It was a lucky moment.


The Things They Carried
ティム・オブライエン 著, Tim O’Brien, 村上 春樹 訳 



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