3 thoughts on “Mostly Monochrome Monday 16-9-19”

  1. Long time no see! How have you been in France? I have not logged in to word press for a while. By the way, I started on a film camera. It is my father’s old one. I will learn by watching your beautiful photo.
    久しぶりにコメントいたします。父のフィルムカメラ(OLYMPUS OM-1)を修理に出してみたら思ったより高額になってしまって、勿体なので使い始めました。定期的にアップしているtagnoueさんを見習って頑張ってみます。

    1. Yes, indeed. I hope you are doing well.
      OM-1, not an OM-D. You are now having a good classic camera! Enough small, easy to use and more than quater century old, isn’t it.

      1. I am same as usual. same job, no boyfriend, spoiling my cat. But I became more positive than before. That is for sure.
        I went to Yokohama again last Monday. I practiced taking pictures by the camera there. That reminds me of you.

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