Mostly Monochrome Monday 11-3-19

Sorry, I’m offline on blogsphere. I’ll be back in a month.
This is a scheduled post.
Thank you for your checking back.


A Part of Mostly Monochrome Monday

6 thoughts on “Mostly Monochrome Monday 11-3-19”

    1. Sorry for late response. I’m now mostly offline on my blog. Anyway thank you for your message as usual. Have a good day to you too.

    1. Thank you! I’m not on it because their business model is still uncertain. Do you think it’s worth joining?

      1. I had joined last year and had one of my pictures in the featured list. They presently are like ‘Free-Stock’ fotos but will convert to something like Shutterstock sooner or later.

        Huge traffic source btw, if you share your story links in the picture descriptions.. 🙂

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