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How to clean a dirty keyboard

201412-311A thorough year end cleanup would be one of good Japanese customs gradually being missed especially in city area. Originally it had a meaning of having a new year without the past impure life.

Today I introduce how to clean a keyboard. Please note that the way I did may not be suitable for yours. Most of keyboards used in laptop computers are frangible compared with classical one for desktop PCs and it may have different architecture.


Before starting, I strongly recommend you take a fine picture of your keyboard. Useless? Yeah, You know it’s qwerty but some keyboards have irregular keys. Also, you want to see how it was, don’t you.


201412-312Okay, ready to start. The first step is to remove all keycaps with care. Usually these small parts are made of plastics and broken easily. You shouldn’t try too hard to do using leverage. One of the way to do it easier is to use two screwdrivers. The most important thing is that you pull a key vertically. You could buy a key puller if needed.


201412-314Finished? You may see something unexpected on your bare keyboard. It is unlikely that you find the ring you missed two years ago. Instead, you might see a crumb of potato chips. You must not turn your eyes away from it. It’s time to clean up. Of course you should not wash it but wipe it with a damp cloth carefully.


201412-315It is easier to clean keycaps because usually there’s no electronic parts. You can wash them by water. When you find a metallic wire which is used for large keys sometimes, I recommend not to use water. I forgot to tell you one thing. The number of keys is more than 100! It may take long time. Keyboard plaques are very sticky.


It’s time to stroll out with a camera or to prepare your lunch because keycaps may be still wet. Anyway when you think it’s enough dry, it’s time to fix all key caps referring the picture you took.



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