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Weekly Photo Challenge: Cheeky


Common children shall be naughty. It’s a sort of raisin d’être (reason to be) and I seemed to be a sort of their reason to play a joke especially during my overseas trips. Many years ago I was at a middle of a ski slope just under a chair lift. Holding a snowboard I was climbing a steep, actually gentle, hill in a winter resort of Canadian Rocky Mountains for my first experience of snowboarding. Yes, it was the first experience for me. When I looked up the sky to pause for catching breath, a small boy above me spoke to me from his chair
“Why don’t you take a lift? Good luck!”
Ok, thank you. I was a beginner and I didn’t come up with any smart thing to say in English. At least it was lucky for me that I didn’t find cheeky words, neither.

In response to the weekly photo challenge, Cheeky by The Daily Post.

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